By making payment, Customer already know and read all the design and production of Zalmon Fabric

  1. File Design Specification
  2. Printing Design Layout
  3. Printing Price Calculation
  4. Instructions on Creating a Design File
  5. Duration of Fabric Production
  6. Factors Affecting Production Duration
  7. Color Result on Fabrics
  8. Color Difference between Monitor and Fabric
  9. Color Matching Process
  10. Additional Fees for Layout Not Ready Print
  11. Understanding Seamless Design
  12. Understanding Non Seamless Design
  13. Scarf Design
  14. Sewing Provisions for Scarf
  15. Design Tracing Services
  16. Privacy and Copyright



1 . Specification File Ready Print Design from Customer.

  • Resolution : 150 PPI (pixels per inch)
  • Color profile : RGB
  • File type : JPG / PNG / TIFF
  • Maximum size per file : 100 MB
  • The direction of Height becomes the direction of Length of Fabric (Y axis). The Width direction becomes the direction of Width of Fabric (X axis).
  • Files must be opened using Adobe Photoshop program (any version)


2. Layout Printing Ready Print Design.

The design will always be printed in a vertical direction (Y axis) as the direction of the length of the fabric (height), and the horizontal direction (X axis) as the width of the fabric. We are not responsible if there is a design direction that is not in accordance with the desired Customer because the file layout is sent backwards. There will be small stitching machine hole marks spaced 2.5 cm apart on each width of fabric.


3. Printing Price Calculation.

The price of printing is always calculated on the basis of the total accumulation of fabric length orders, which can be seen here.Price includes the price of fabric and printing services without any color restrictions and without any design limitations.


4. Instructions Making File Design Using Adobe Photoshop.


  1. Note the level of resolution, color mode and color profile. Everything is in RGB color. Resolution must be already in large size at the beginning of the file created.

2. To check whether or not the appearance of the design file is have rough or blurred image when printed on the fabric, it can be seen in View - Print Size. If at this stage the file design looks sharp and not blurred, then the results on the print also will be good.

3. There will be degradation and color differences between the designs seen on the computer screen and print result caused by the nature of the natural fiber fabric which has many fine hairs. To raise the color of the file, color setting could be modified in: Image - Adjustments - Levels.

4. The Levels adjustment is set from the Input Levels menu.


5. Duration of Fabric Production Process.

  • Production time for 1-100 meters is 7-10 working days
  • Production time for 101-300 meters is 14-21 working days
  • Production time for 301-500 meters is 28-35 working days
  • Production time for 501-700 meters is 41-49 working days, etc
  • Orders will be processed in the incoming order following the daily printing production schedule policy, duration can not be accelerated and not included if there was faulty fabrics and Customer are eligible to do reprint (the complain reprint policy can be found here)
  • The production process can be slow down due to the large number of different design
  • Duration of the matching colour process takes additional +7 working days per design, depending on the complexity of the design itself
  • The production process does not include Sunday and any Indonesian national public holidays
  • If the production finished ahead of the scheduled, then the fabric will be delivered to the Customer directly
  • The fabric will be delivered H + 1 after the printing process is completed

* Duration of production is also influenced by the number of designs to be printed. More and more designs will take longer.


6. Factors Affecting Production Duration.

  • The production process of natural fiber fabrics will take longer time than printing polyester fabrics technique (which is finished in only 3-5 days). This is because the length of production steps that exist. Consists of: the process of moving the design into the printing machine (the bigger the design file the longer the duration due to the ripping process) - the printing process - the pre-steaming process - the steaming process - the washing process - the setting process - the finishing process
  • All fabrics from Zalmon Fabric have been washed and set so that the fabric will be ready for immediate use (in contrast to uncured washed polyester printing of sublimation techniques). For video production can be viewed at Process by Zalmon Fabric
  • There are uncontrollable factors such as engine repair due to sudden damage, the scarcity of raw materials in fabric manufacturing, regulatory changes and imported customs (machinery, spare parts and inks are imported products). This will lead to longer production duration. Zalmon Fabric's team will notify the Customer in case of any of these things
  • All designs that have been entered and have made the payment process can not be replaced because it will automatically enter into our system.


7. Results Color on Fabrics.

Especially for Custom Order, all design from Customer (Design Ready Print) will be directly processed by Zalmon Fabric without any change of color, resolution and image sharpness level. All files will be processed using Adobe Photoshop program. We are not responsible if there are differences in file results that are opened in the Adobe Photoshop program and other programs.


8. Color Differences Between Monitor Screen and Print Results on Fabrics.

  • The color on the monitor screen will not be the same with the printed color on fabric. There will be a tolerance between the colors on the monitor and the fabrics due to different technological differences on each monitor screen as well as the ability of the printer head to read existing color designs, as well as the properties of natural fiber fabrics that have fine feathers (thus more color absorption)
  • The nature of the color results of Zalmon Fabric's natural fiber printing technology is tending toward the red
  • For a solid black color, will not be able to get black color as black on polyester fabric
  • For navy blue, there is a tendency to change into purple if it is already printed. To get accurate color results please read on point 9


9. Color Matching Process (Proof Print for Specific Color)

  • We can do color matching for Rp 50,000 per design. Customer is expected to attach Pantone (color code) that can be seen here, AND send a hard copy of the color directions in print on HVS using a laser printer or color direction on the fabric (the type of fabric must be the same as the type of fabric to order) to our office: 
    • Zalmon Fabric
      Ruko Paskal Hyper Square (Unit B71, 3 floor)
      Jalan Pasirkaliki no 25-27
      Bandung, Indonesia
      Phone: +628989337551
  • Or else you can give us the TPX or TCX pantone code (if you do this, you do not to send the hard copy to our address since we already had the pantone book for those color).

* There will be a tolerance result of 5% -10% for this process.

  • The colour matching process takes about 7 working days depending on the complexity of the design and your order queue. The duration of the color matching process is also influenced by the number of designs to be matched. The more designs to be matched will require a longer matching process.
  • Otherwise you can buy our Color Chartrepe here. The purpose of using Color Chart is to determine your basic color reference on fabric. However to get more accurate result we recommend you to do the color matching process.


10. Additional Fees for Layout Designs Not Ready Print

  • There will be an additional charge of Rp 59,000 per layout for design layouts that are not ready to print
  • For example:
    • If the file submitted by Customers size 50 x 50 cm as much as 6 design and want to layout into the area measuring 100 x 150 cm. Then there will be an additional layout fee of Rp 59,000
    • If the file sent by Customer is 110 x 110 cm and wants to be given contour / delimiter on the design side. Then there will be additional layout cost of Rp 59,000 per design


11. Understanding Seamless Design

  • Seamless design means the motif will be printed repeatedly on the fabric area in full without interruption.
  • There are X and Y sizes for large repetition sizes of pattern.
    • X = width of fabric (width)
    • Y = length of fabric (height)
  • Please attach the X and Y repetition sizes on the Custom Order form, Or the design will be repeated with the default file size as it is
  • For example: X and Y = 10 cm and total order fabric 5 meters, then the size of the repetition pattern is 10 x 10 cm and will be made repeatedly to fill the entire area of ​​cloth 5 meters long without interruption
  • The correct Seamless design is a design with no fracture between repetitions. Zalmon Fabric is not responsible if Customers provide Seamless designs ready print and apparently after the repetition of the design is not a Seamless design.


Example Seamless design with repeat size X = 35 cm and Y = 35 cm, and will be printed on fabric size length 100 cm x width 150 cm


12. Understanding Non Seamless Design (Panel Design)

  • Non Seamless design is a non-repetitive pattern or a panel design.
  • Examples of Non Seamless Designs are scarf motifs, motifs for dress patterns and all motifs that already have their own layouts.
  • If the Customer has a Non Seamless Design and the design will be printed more than once (for example: a 50 x 50 cm motif and printed 6x), please instruct if there is a space between the panels. For example between the panels given a distance of 3 cm.


Example of Non Seamless Design (Panel Design), with requests in the Print Panel as much as 6x and spaced between panels.


13. Scarf Design or Hijab.

  • For the design of scarves or the alike ones that will be printed more than 1 panel, then please include the information on the Custom Order form whether to be spaced between panels or not spaced between panels. For example: Distance between panels 3 cm. If you do not include anything, then the design will be directly in print connect without any distance
  • Tolerance 4% of the total width of fabric for skewing (slope) of the printing is mainly for the design of a straight line


14. Terms for Scarf Sewing Services

  • For the scarf that will be sewn by Zalmon Fabric with clean sewing type then there will be the use of cloth of approximately 1.5 cm on each side of the fabric. Sample case:
    • Customer wants to get a clean result size after sewing is 110 x 110 cm, then the design should be made in 113 x 113 cm (1.5 cm on each side for stitching)
    • Customers only provide designs with size 110 x 110 cm for sewn made scarf, then the net result after sewing is about 107 x 107 cm.
  • There will be a tolerance of the production of the scarf of approximately 2 cm caused by the shrinkage of natural fiber fabrics. Therefore the production of scarf will not produce 100% yield with the right size.


15 . Design Tracing Services and Fabric Making Pattern

Zalmon Fabric has design services and fabric patterns. For design price and duration of manufacture will be adjusted to the level of difficulty of existing design. The resulting design is a special design for high-resolution textile design that is ready to print. The final result of the design will be the property of the Customer. Please fill out the Custom Order form immediately And send as many desirable design and reference directives as possible and we will send invoices via email. All design services have 2x revisions.


16.Privacy Design and Copyright

  • Customer is responsible for all copyright and design privacy submitted to Zalmon Fabric
  • Zalmon Fabric shall not be liable if there is any claim whatsoever to all design ready print from Customer